He's A Sours Man Gift Box

He's A Sours Man Gift Box

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This is a gift box that ANY bloke would love... Dad, Boss, Brother, Client... even the local mechanic that recently saved your radiator!

Enjoy the versatility of Mr. Consistent's Sours Cocktail Mixer. Perhaps you enjoy the sweet Amaretto Sour, or maybe a Gin or a Bourbon Whisky Sour - whichever way you go, this Sours Mixer will be your best friend.

It's sweet & sour... impeccably balanced, to ensure that the mixer you add with it enhances the flavours inside this mighty bottle.

This guy really likes a good shake, so fill up your shaker, pretend you're world class, and shake your booty. You'll end up with the perfect frothy head as you would in a bar, without straining a million eggs to add egg whites (this guy is egg free, and is vegan)!

Select from our beautifully package Gift Box version which can be shipped anywhere in Australia OR for local deliveries, you can choose our Gift Basket version that will be personally delivered by one of us... we will even SING Happy Birthday upon request!

What's Included?

Mr. Consistent Sours Cocktail Mixer

Mr. Consistent Sours Cocktail Mix - This mixer is the perfect balance of sour and sweet.

Mr. Consistent cocktail mixers are made using the freshest ingredients. Each is handmade with love on the Gold Coast.

Simply add your choice of Amaretto, Bourbon Whiskey or Gin for a fully loaded version OR a dash of lemonade for a refreshing mocktail.

Each bottle contains 10 serves.

Hobster Old Fashioned GlassHobster Double Old Fashioned Glass 350ml -

A truly vintage glass, Hobstar is the name for this specific cut glass design dating back to the early years of the twentieth century.

With its elegant, diamond-cut glass and vintage look, this piece is perfect for serving everything from Whisky to Cocktails. 

Dried Lemon Garnish

Dried Australian Lemon  -

The perfect garnish addition to round out the perfect Sours cocktail.

Hand sliced and dehydrated in Northern NSW, this dried lemon is made in small batches.

Not only does it add extra BOUJIE... but it also tastes delicious once it has been soaking in a few cocktails! 



Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker
Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker 750ml 
The Mr. Consistent Cosmo MUST be shaken, not stirred!

To do so, our gift box includes a three-piece, stainless steel cocktail shaker set. 




Banana Leaf Paper Napkins

Banana Leaf Paper Napkins 20Pk  

Soak up the ring marks left by clinking glasses of Sours with these stylish printed napkins.

This tropical print with a retro vibe encourages you to sip sours whilst contemplating world affairs with your mates.


Squeeze Brass Bottle Opener

Squeeze Brass Bottle Opener

Long after the Sours are finished and the headaches are gone, this beautiful brass bottle opener will still be around as a keepsake of the night that was!

A true statement piece, this is a stylish addition to any bar setup.

Amy Sargeantson Caramelised Sea Salt Chocolate

Amy Sargeantson Caramelised Sea Salt Chocolate - 

Delicious caramelised ultra dark 77% cacao chocolate infused with burnt butter flavour and finished with sea salt.

Amy's chocolate slabs are made fresh in her Brisbane Chocolate Factory with the best and freshest ingredients.